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Article : Tips To Make a Lofty Landing Page

Tips To Make a Lofty Landing Page

Landing page is the doorway to your website. It gives your visitors a concise view of your products and services. As it is the visitors’ entry page to your site you have to dig deeper to embed elements that would make their visit to your page worthy.

Focus On What to Convey
While creating a new landing page, it should be clearly stated what you want to convey. Focusing on too many things on the landing page sometimes backfire your entire marketing efforts. So make message very clear, and build things around it. The visual design should be pleasing as it reflects your reliability, attitude and professionalism. You should choose and use words in the landing page properly.

Make Use of Media
It is a general fact that pictures and obviously moving pictures i.e. videos speak louder than words. So, including a relevant picture or video would be sensible and the users easily grasp the information which you have to communicate. Using media will give a finishing appearance to the landing page; else it may seem too sparse. Making a video by your own and hosting it on sites like YouTube also help in marketing your products and services. The media should be of high quality and a common format should be used. It should be tested for compatibility with different systems and browsers. This also reveals the design issues if there are any.

Blending Content and Design Elements
Take care to avoid clutter on the landing page. Things should be simple, precise and clear. Describe your product or service in brief and provide a relevant picture and useful links. The users should never be confused with useless links and junk text. Maintain a proper balance between the empty space and content. Adequate use of design elements should be done. It should be kept simple and modest or else it may distract users from the content.

Another aspect is usage of colors, make use the colors wisely if you want your landing page to make a long lasting impact on the users. Each color has a specific idea to convey which vary with cultures and countries. Do ample research before choosing colors and always keep your target audience in mind.

Content Perfection
The content on your landing page speaks to your customers on your behalf. Nothing repels the visitors faster than sentence constructed horribly with spelling mistakes and poor grammar. The users see such errors as dearth of author’s authority and expertise. Many times it’s not your lack of knowledge which leads to such mistakes but carelessness. So, it is advisable to assign a team to proof read your writings. Assign tone to the words accordingly to the need and nature of your website.

Build Links Effectively
Effective linking is one of the basic necessities to assure good navigation. The link name should be short and concise. Placing links in within the paragraphs usually are not noted. So they should be placed either on the top of page or on side in the sidebar. The links should be organizedin some meaningful way like chronological, alphabetical etc. This will help the users to easily and quickly find the links they want. Finally the links should be categorized into groups and should be given obvious names so that it can be easily identifiable.

Last but least, proper testing should be done to analyze the pitfalls and overcome it. If these tips are taken into serious consideration, your landing page will grab, engage and retain the visitors on your website thus helping your business to flourish.

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