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Adding a Little Punch to Your Web design and Make it Distinct

In the present situation where almost every business has its own website, a normal website is not enough. Uniqueness and innovations in web design can surely add value to your website. For that, you must take care of certain components of your web design.

Have a perfect layout
A strong foundation is the basic necessity for almost everything in life and the same applies here too. When it comes to web design, layout is the foundation of your web design. Layout of a web design is actually the way various elements like content, navigation buttons etc. are placed. You must establish a hierarchy for these elements and this should be decided based on the way you want your audience to perceive the website. Bolding, using different colors, varying brightness etc. are the most common methods followed to highlight an element in the layout.

Using wireframes is a nice idea to entertain but always take care to keep the things simple. Don’t overcrowd the layout with elements and adequately use white spaces. Overusing the white spaces also gives an unprofessional look to a website.

Choose the apt color scheme
It is really important that you always seek an expert opinion before deciding the color scheme for your website. The color is one of those elements which have a huge impact on the visitor. A pleasing color makes a visitor stay on your website and this can favorably influence the conversion rate. Never consider your personal interest while deciding the color scheme. The nature of business and the target audience are the main factors to be considered. Color scheme for an entertainment website would surely seem weird for a real estate website. There is no harm in being different but be sensible. Some designers are bold enough to just choose two colors and even such a minimum color palette can deliver amazing web design.

Usability and understandability
The website should be easy to understand and use. Many attractive websites are their which keep you stuck in their pages but they fail to get sales. This is the point where the role of usability and understandability come into play. The website should load quickly and a normal visitor never waits more than 3 seconds for any website to load. For this you should minimize the usage of flash works and assure that images used are of minimum possible size. Also once he enters your website, things must be presented in an understandable manner and the visitor should be able to easily find the buttons. There should be simple and effective navigation system. The user should be able to know where he is presently standing and which button he should click to reach the intended pages.

The main thing which you should never forget is to check your website in different browsers. Designing web pages that is compatible only to the most modern browsers will shrink the dimension of your reach. So, while keeping the web design distinct and attractive, assure its compatibility with all possible browsers or at least all popular ones.

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